Monday, 9 December 2013

My concept

the external
is carried within 

as burlesque 

comedy turns  
in a theatre 
of dreams 

of the past 

which is present
in sketches 
and shows 

with striptease  

and guffaws 
with starred doors 
and mocked woes 

)secrets in mirrors(

and all of us 

in the burlesques 
of others



  1. players
    in the burlesques
    of others

    good point.

    If only we could see ourselves as others see us.

  2. Maybe burlesque is an understatement, maybe life is more like a Grimm brothers pantomime.

  3. To others I am burlesque, a pantomime. I am aware that I am frequently misunderstood. I am not sure that I want to see myself as others see me, such are their mistakes.

  4. Rachel, I believe it was poet Robt. Burns who coined the phrase about 'seeing oursel's as others see us' in one of his odes. I think it would be almost unbearable to have to do so. It's like when you hear your own voice for the first time on a tape recorder and get an unpleasant shock, only I imagine it'd be 100 times worse.

  5. This is a bit like the friend of mine who was undergoing therapy and told to make a video of herself talking about herself. Far from believing what she saw when she played it back she went into denial and convinced herself it was all a lie and she wasn't like that at all. (Strangely I was talking about this to a friend at lunch yesterday before I read your post),

  6. As with your friend in therapy I think it's like that on skype - hence I avoid it like the plague.


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