Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Sun Far Away

Those long golden suns 
of summer are gone 
 - and still here he stands 
 - facing the waves

and the chill of the Bora 

 - the sun far away  
 - that pale silver disc  
and him with his arms 

like the wings of the shag 

with its long feathers out 
 - the cormorant on the invisible 
 - cross. He 

suddenly sees me 

and smiles from his eyes 
for he knows I will search 
through his feathers;  a blue 

piece of silk I take for my wife 

 - close the deal with our hands. 
"See you next summer," he chirps 
 - just the hint of a question 

and when I nod yes 

 - his grin broadens wide: 
 - "Tomorrow I'll fly 
to Bangladesh and my wife."


  1. Sometimes you just hit the spot for me Gwil.

  2. Thanks John. Thanks Pat. The spot eh? I've heard about that. ;)


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