Tuesday, 14 January 2014


He created the Dinosaurs
and then He killed them
with a volcanic blast 

or an asteroid shower 
or something
 of that sort

He also created 
the Fish of the Sea 
and the Birds of the Air
and the Property Bubble . . . 

and  the Scientists

and then He killed 
a % of them 
and a % their servants
and a % of the servants of their servants      

in the Wars 
and the Inquisitions 
and in the Plagues
and in their Laboratories 

where they were hungry for knowledge
armed only with their unseen whiteness
 and their scribbles of dust 
on their wallboards 

and were looking to improve the future  

- or maybe He didn't.

Say it was the fruit

that He showed them 
killed them. (But 
not the Raptors) 

This fruit

- Is it more than a reflex?
 . the electric sparks of an eel 
looking for dinner
>the flight of the pigeon going home to the egg 
the scream of a Dinosaur dodging the bullet . . . 

Our survival on Earth is based on percentages.  The time on the Doomsday Clock is 23:55


  1. Ah yes, five minutes to go Gwil in those terms.
    Did you see that a Japanese politician is standing who is all for the complete removal of all Nuclear sites? Bit late I would have thought but better late than never.

  2. He'll not get very far. Nature will destroy that place, or at least make it uninhabitable before the century is out. They know this, so they pushed through the recent secrecy legislation to stop journalists speaking out. The freedoms we take for granted are foreign to them.

  3. And on the seventh day He rested along with the Raptors.

  4. Thanks Rachel. And for the information of anyone reading this poem and the comments, there's an interesting and relevant post today on my blog 'Bard on the Run' about what happens to common or sweet basil when you give it water that has been microwaved. Be careful out there in the kitchen.

  5. I read it. I don't have a microwave.
    I am not a runner either.

    How do you cope with having more than one blog?

  6. The other blog is less busy than this one. It's no problem to update it about once a month on average. It helps me keep track of my running exploits so it's like a diary with 350 blank pages at the end of the year.


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