Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Beatrix Kaser's Fire & Glass

I am honoured and delighted that one of my artistic photographs has been chosen for the cover of Vienna artist Beatrix Kaser's latest exhibition catalogue: Feuer & Glas - Leidenschaft & Liebe (Fire & Glass - Passion & Love)

The exhibition was launched earlier this evening at the Sala Terrena in the Heiligenkreuzer Hof in Vienna's 1st District. More information about the artist and her work below:

Visit the artist's website from HERE 

A small selection of additional photos are posted below to present to the reader  a sight of the original artwork, a glimpse of the teamwork and planning involved and to show the skill of the Venetian glass blowers of Murano:


  1. Cheers Pat and thanks. Hope you're not too stiff after your keep fit session.

  2. Thanks Gerald. Hope it's stopped raining. The land must be waterlogged by now.

  3. Sorry I have been delayed but I like it very much. I was puzzled as to what the fire and glass images are but checked her website and found the Morano Glass images. Her work is wonderful and also your "artistic photograph" and so great to be on the cover. Do you know the artist personally. If so, please tell her I like her work very much.

  4. Thanks Rachel, I will send her a link to your comment.
    I was present at the glass blowing with my camera. The heat was terrific and I had to get in really close for some of the photos. I thought my camera might melt but somehow it survived. I'll now attach two more photos to give you some idea how it was done at the end of the post.

  5. As if by magic more photos have appeared. Now I read your reply to my comment. Thank you. I am sure it was like being almost in the furnace. I will save her website in my favourites so that I can follow her work.


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