Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Power Lines

. . . and you must not touch it or you will die - Genesis 3:3

"Surrounded by darkness 
I tell Dot,

It's not her real name.

 "I quote
 from the paper:

'Heavy snow in the trees
and ice on the branches . . .'"

And show her the
of two 
in the road,
" - they've brought down the power lines
- there's people without  . . . "

 - zap p p p ! 

The lights
in the streets
all around blink back on . . .

Needles fall silent
 from knitting
black socks . . .

"Them trees 
has no power," 
 - Dot's little joke -

. . . and the needles 
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  1. Dot is obviously a deep thinker as she knits!

  2. Oh yes, in darkness of fallen trees Dot will find her truth.

  3. The socks have changed colour in the darkness; the serpent is in our midst no doubt.

  4. Yes, the socks changed colour from grey to black on the recommendation or more correctly under the influence of Dylan Thomas who often writes of experiencing Bible black nights.

  5. By the way Rachel, thanx for your comment on my short story. I hope to write a couple more before the year is out.


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