Thursday, 24 April 2014

Just one more for the road BUKOWSKI

Just one more for the road BUKOWSKI 

just one thing

to know

 and only know this:

    NEVER be boring!

a poem is a passer 

free as the air

'tis not archaic poesy


by peda-


in frayed gowns

and caps


with chalk

for such

is a Krankheit

   the coffin awaits

(the graveyard is full)

yet ,

one saves my soul

 and he is a demon

a poet

and a demagogue

I recharge the tumbler

press the damned page

  the black sparrow sings

  the songs for the age

line 10: Krankheit - an illness (Ger.)
line 5: passer or passerine - a sparrow
penultimate line: Black Sparrow Press - Bukowski's main publisher


  1. I believe Bukowzski once went out on a drinking binge that lasted 10 years.

  2. As also did Guy Debord. I much admired him because he wrote a chapter on drinking in his autobiography.

  3. Rachel, thanks for introducing me to Guy Debord. There is some interesting videos on YouTube of CB in various stages of inebriation during TV interviews. Also on my Bukowski link (click on his head) you can access his FBI files made available under the freedom of information act.

  4. I will check out Bukowzski on YouTube when I have a moment. Thanks for the tip. Guy Debord and the Situationists are worth having a look at.


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