Monday, 12 May 2014

Press Freedom 2014

Austria's bearded man-woman singer Conchita Wurst now dubbed the "Queen of Austria" was the winner of the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Denmark at the weekend. 

The UK finished 17th.

In the Reporters Without Borders press freedom index for 2014 the honours went to Finland.

The UK finished 33rd.  

Reporters Without Borders looked at press freedom in 180 countries. Perhaps your country is listed in the selection here; and if so are you happy with the performance?  

1. Finland
2. Holland
12. Austria
14. Germany
16. Ireland 
19. Poland
26. Uruguay

Reporters without Borders 2014: UK - abysmal.
33. UK
38. El Salvador
46. USA
54. Serbia
59. Japan 
78. Armenia
91. Kuwait 
96. Israel 
106. Lebanon
118. UAE
128. Afghanistan
138. Palestine
143. Ethiopia
159. Egypt
164. Saudi Arabia
175. China
180. Eritrea


  1. Russia says this is the end of Europe; there is no limit to their outrage. How strange that it should be Austria with the only gay in the village who can sing. (In fact Conchita has many fans in Russia and eastern Europe). It all seems a long way from Katie Boyle.

  2. And a long way from Udo Jurgens the last Austrian to win it in the 1960's.

  3. I wonder how they assess press freedom? There is so much to take into account - as highlighted by the UK phone hacking scandals.


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