Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Stray thoughts in Whitby, Yorkshire, GB

I graced Whitby
In the course of my holidays. 
It's a wonderful place 

To seek out. 

I understand now 
How Bram Stoker 
Came to pen Dracula here

Without having set foot in Rumania. 

The clifftop graveyard 
 And abbey ruins 
Are here to behold in the mists

Where the sea cuts into the cliffs
 And the past falls 
Into the sea. 

Today the authorities 
Are doing what they can
To control it. 

But why? 
What is wrong 
With reburial at sea?

The Prince of Darkness Picture Poem :

By abbey ruins with darkening stones
where dark cliffs face the hungry sea
 where in bijou -  a man partakes
with napkin black and gleam of knife
 more dark reflections
 and blood  red wine


  1. great shot of the abbey behind the gravestones - think there's a couple or so typos in the text need correcting.

  2. Thanks Gerald. I started off finding a typo and anded with a rejig - - as per normal. I liked the black napkin touch in the restaurant.

  3. The great thing, and what you can bring together the experience and the fun.

  4. You might enjoy the now added Prince of Darkness picture poem

  5. Nice shots of one of my favourite places Gwil - not a million miles from where I live.

  6. I have driven through Transylvania and past Dracula's castle but did not stop. It is a long way from Whitby in more ways than one.

  7. Rachel, I once toyed with idea of running in the Dracula half marathon. Just a passing whim, I suppose. I placed the camera to get the angle and somebody else clicked the button so I suppose I'd call it an assisted-semi-selfie.


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