Monday, 4 August 2014

A little Elvis nostalgia

We know Elvis Presley was the son of Gladys and Vernon Presley but from where did the ancestors of this couple with their traditional Welsh names originate? 

My favourite theory is that they came originally from Wales, a place known as the Land of Song. And although I can't sing, it is, I'm proud to say, the land of my birth. 

There is an area of moorland and hills with rocky outcrops in Wales known as the Preseli Hills. It is not unreasonable to assume that the American name of Presley is from that part of Wales. 

The Preseli Hills are of historical significance for it is there that the unique bluestones for Stonehenge were quarried thousands of years ago. 

Perhaps some ancient ancestors of the King of Rock and Roll helped to build the iconic stone circle? I like to think so.  

The photos below were taken recently at the World's Smallest Elvis Presley Show in Austria.


  1. Didn't realise youwere an Elvis fan!

    You asked about footwear on the walk. Mr friend D had walking boots which gave up the ghost by Loch Ness - it was a wet day and he could pour the water out of a boot that evening He finished the walk in good quality trainers.
    S wore the same pair of boots throughout but they were totally worn out by J O G.
    Socks? Both wore waterproof ones and they lasted - just two pairs each/wash and wear.

  2. Some interesting people in those photos and things in the background.

  3. Pat - Thanks for the info on the long distance walkers. My first record purchase was Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock which I bought about the time the film was doing the rounds.

    Rachel - I think EP attracts interesting types. There were many Harley riders amongst the crowd, and strangely lots of tattooed middle aged women. The woman in the black t shirt told me she had been to Graceland so that's a real fan for you.

  4. Yes, I could see they looked like dedicated Elvis fans. I was never in this category myself. Probably born about 10 years too late to end up a fan. My first record was The Yardbirds, For Your Love, bought at the same as The Stones, The Last Time, for my brother.

  5. It's amazing that the Stones are still rocking.


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