Saturday, 16 August 2014


The ruins
Of an old church
Perched on the cliff top

The fog
Rising up
From the sea

In the walls
And pigeons

Cooing and flocking . . .


  1. I do believe I am becoming a convert to poetry.. you paint another picture Gwil

  2. Lovely image of peace ad tranquility - much needed with present world events.

  3. John thanks. I always feel there is poetry and there is meaningful poetry. I hope mine is the latter.

    Pat, thanks and glad you like it. It's very metaphorical. It's very deep. That too. So it stands alone as a verse, an observation, but it delves into the present day manipulation of our thought processes too. And dare I say our freedoms, which our parents and grandparents struggled to obtain and which today are lightly tossed aside. Eroded, if you will.

  4. Pat, you often say my work is too deep, and maybe it is sometimes, but I believe, really believe, we are abandoning our hard worn values very lightly.

  5. sounds like the disappearing east coast of england

  6. I agree with Gerald and thought it the other day when I read it. I wondered if you wrote it after your coastal walk in this area?

  7. You are both right Rachel and Gerald. I was again imagining the ruined abbey at Whitby, photo on a previous post, I saw on my coastal walk.


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