Friday, 1 August 2014

Somnambulism and War

In 2013, as if to mark the passing of 99 years since the outbreak of "The War to End all Wars" the World enjoyed 20 more wars.  

This year, 2014, the way events are playing out, that figure could be comfortably exceeded. 

The World is populated with people good and great; but it is also a home to cheats and swindlers, the recklessly overambitious, and those with a false moral compass. 

Control-freaks and their servants who so-often lead their people into foolish wars think nothing of deviating from the truth and glossing over the facts if called to give testimony at post-war tribunals and inquiries. 

The first World War  was the result of bigotry, intolerance, prejudice, evilness, malevolence, ill-will, oppression, cowardice and GREED. I cannot believe it had much to do with somnambulism as the current Zeitgeist seems to have it. Nevertheless I am prepared to delve into Christopher Clark's tome The Sleepwalkers.

The photos to which I've added captions are from an exhibition organized by schoolchildren in Bad Ischl, Austria. 

Soldiers prepare to . . .

Hang up their washing in the House of God . . .

 And visit the Post Office

The Women at Uniform Factory . . .

And the Munitions Factory do their bit too 

War is as simple as A; B; C.
A is for Aero . . . 

B is for Boat . . .

C is for Cannon . . .

D is for Death  . . .

Perhaps it's time to wake up . . . 

War is a Racket  -
And one they can Bank on! 


  1. Oh how true is that caption under the last photograph. All these arms manufacturers making their millions selling arms - doesn't bear thinking about who sells arms to whom does it?

  2. The best part of the whole deal is you can sell the weapons etc. to both sides, and if they have no money to rebuild the infrastructure you can lend it at %, and then you can do it all over again ;) or do the same somewhere else . . .

  3. I like your exhibition captions.

  4. Thanks Rachel and well done Arsenal yesterday - 5-1 phew!

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