Wednesday, 3 September 2014

DOwn TO EArth

WHen THe UFo
FRom THe BInary SYstem of SIrius
TWin STar TOursit SOciety
CAme DOwn TO EArth
TO SEttle BRiefly
ON THe LAst LEaf
OF THe LAst TRee
THe TOur GUide
POinted WIth HIs MInd
THe SCreen
ON WHich WEre THe REcords OF EArth''s WArs
ANd THey WAtched && LIstened
TO THe SLaughter
ANd THe CArnage
ANd THe DEstruction
ANd SAw THe DEad CHildren WIth FLies ON THeir EYes
ANd THe BLoated COrpses OF THe VIctims OF GAs
IN THeir CArs
ANd IN THe RUins OF TEmples
ANd HEard
THe WAiling
ANd THe GNashing OF TEeeth
ANd THe WHine OF THe BOmbs
ANd SMelled THe DArk STink IN THe VAnishing AIr
ANd THe GUide
ANswered THe INevitable QUestion
BEing SIlently ASked
""WHat IS THe REason FOr THis??""
HE ANswered::
""THey ARe NOt LIke US // THey HAve MAny GOds // GOds OF STrange ANd OUtrageous HAbits //  ANd ALl THese GOds HAve SOmething IN COmmon // THey ARe ALl BOred ANd VIcious // ANd COmpletely INsane // FOr THey ARe ALways PReoccupied WIth SPying ANd REcording EVery DEtail OF EVery INdividual''s LIfe // ANd SO IT IS WIth MAn WHo IS THEir CReation // ""
with that
the visitors
and their small craft
vanished  into the future
and the last leaflet fell 
on the 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I have to deal with the shit brown background and now I have to deal with the letters oscillating, varying between extremes; I cannot do it. If I picked this up in a bookshop I would put it down again. I could get it but my eyes are still reeling.

  3. Hi Rachel, I apologize for the oscillating leters but in Canis Major (I think it is) they use ESP which they call EESSpp. There's no chance you'll pick it up in a bookshop. The colour: I think maybe we'll eventually get to a papyrus as it fades with time. I'll try and lighten it for you.

  4. Pat, I've always said you are wise.

  5. Don't worry about the colour, it is just not my favourite.

  6. Thanks Rachel. Personally I find the colour quite restful. More so than the blue we had before. I experimented with white and yellow but thought there was too much glare. It maybe something to do with how colours appear to the reader on different models of computers and in different lighting situations. My pc is backlit and my room is dimly lit so I find white for example terrifyingly bright.


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