Saturday, 13 September 2014

Views from Vienna's Zoo

I took all these photos during my recent visit to the zoo in Vienna. I hope you enjoy them.

For me it was a very enjoyable day out and a rewarding experience. The animals appeared to be enjoying the day too. 

There have been many improvements and innovations at the zoo since my last visit. I shall definitely go there again, and go soon. 

The staff at the zoo are doing important and meaningful work. And they are doing it well. 


  1. When you think of how many animals are now persecuted in the wild (elephants for example) it makes a really good zoo like this seem a better option.

  2. I like the U-bahn. I like giraffes.

  3. Thanks Pat and Rachel. My favorites were the baby elephant and his mum. The u-Bahn is good for getting about. There are 6 lines, numbered 1 to 6. You can use your tram ticket on the u-Bahn. And also use it on the buses.

    1. I like cities with trams and buses and u-bahn and one ticket for all. One day I will visit the city and do some tram-riding.

  4. Many continental cities have wonderful transport systems which are integrated. One ticket stamped in the morning and you travel all day with tram, bus, train. Cost in Vienna about 30 pounds for 8 days and you choose your own days.


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