Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Question: Is life what we make of it?

  The journey is what we, ourselves, are. 

Life is what we make of it.

  Travel is the traveller. 

What we see isn't what we see

  But what we are. 

(Fernando Pessoa)*

The poet had 75 pseudonyms, or more correctly heteronyms.


  1. Deep stuff here; traveller is what I am and what I see is what I am. Yes. I go with that.

  2. Rachel, I thought of you when I first read this. I will post some more similar from Pessoa as he is out of copyright (died 1935). The photo shows a rainy day in Venice. The gipsy woman is working her patch conveniently outside a bank. Many tourists are out of the rain in the Akademia Museum and Art Gallery behind her.

  3. Yes, now I am looking at this on my computer, as opposed to my phone, I can see where she is. I know it well.


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