Saturday, 25 October 2014

Los Desastres de la Guerra por Francisco Goya

A collection of eighty plates drawn and etched by Don Franciso Goya was published in Madrid by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, in 1863.

From the preface to the original collection some words:

Goya at any time and in any circumstances would have won the renown that his true originality, offspring of the singular independence of his character, could not fail to gain for him. Self-taught, he may be said to have founded a school single-handedly, with a mode of artistic vision which no one before him possessed . . . 

Francisco Goya y Lucientes was born in Aragon, on March 31, 1746.  He died at Bordeaux on April 16, 1828.

Goya used suitable titles for all eighty plates. The one shown above is titled: Nothing. We shall see.


  1. I am a great fan of Goya. You remind me here how much I have forgotten about him. I liked his paintings and his philosophy on life and his black paintings in particular. The Chapman brothers bought a set of the 80 etching plates and coloured them strategically. I quite liked what they did but I don't think it was generally well accepted and thought wrong to interfere with Goya's work. I don't think Goya would have minded.

  2. I think it must be fun to colour them in but unlike the Chapman brothers I'm not going to colour the ones in my book as I like them as they are. I suppose I could photocopy one or two and colour in the photocopies. I'll think about that.


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