Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Mayerling Affair

Yesterday, as well as visiting Hafnerberg I went to the nearby visitor centre at Mayerling. The official story of the events  of 30th January 1889 is well-known. But there are many alternative theories as to what may really have happened. I will provide a link at the foot of this post. 

Mayerling today

Mayerling at the time of the tragedy 

One version of the Events of Wednesday January 30th 1889

6:30am The Crown Prince ordered the valet Loscheck to leave and to wake him in an hour.

7:30am Loscheck returned to awaken the Crown Prince but there was no response. The door to the bedroom was locked contrary to practice. Hoyos arrived and only then learned of the presence of Mary Vetsera. He waited for Coburg.

8:10am Coburg appeared and they decided to break down the door. Loscheck reported that both the Crown Prince and Mary Vetsera were dead.

8:30am Hoyos travelled to Vienna to inform the Emperor.

9:00am Loscheck telegraphed the personal physician and hid Mary Vetsera's corpse.

10:00am Hoyos arrived at the Hofburg and initially informed Chief Chamberlain Bombelles. The Empress's Lady-in-Waiting informed the Emperor that Mary Vetsera had poisoned the Crown Prince.

11:00am Helene Vetsera learnt of her daughter and the Crown Prince's  deaths from the Empress. Official version: 'Stroke'.

12:30pm Post-mortem by Dr. Widerhofer. Verdict: Both had been shot.

4:00pm Arrival of an official commission in Mayerling.

7:00pm Rudolf's corpse moved to Vienna.

Cab driver Bratfisch 

The Bratfisch account in booklet form

Suicide note 

Rudolf's note to his wife

Rudolf in naval uniform
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  1. Love story or tragedy? Take your pick.

  2. And it may be both, but there are so many theories abounding we may never know the real truth. I would start with an analysis of her remains for poison (strychnine?) but I don't know if it's possible after all this time.


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