Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Lazy Artist views a Still Life with a Pineapple

the lazy artist
the dilettante
that is me
filled a bag with a kilo of sand
approximately a kilo
it was not weighed
but it felt like a kilo
in my hand
though it may have been half a kilo
or more
but certainly not less than half a kilo
from Venice Lido
and carried it in a rucksack
all the way to Vienna
maybe a train is involved
yes a train is involved
and maybe a ferryboat
that too
in fact it is two ferryboats
but nevertheless
it is a beginning
and there it ends
the beginning is the end
the sand is
or may now be
one can never be sure of these things
at the bottom of the back of the wardrobe
underneath the old fleece
and the old newspapers
and the old rucksack
and the other old things
that should have gone to the recycling bin
or to the charity shop
many years ago
unlike Louis Marcoussis'
still life study
of a pinapple
negligently missing an 'e'
which Louis Marcoussis 
whose real name is Polish and therefore difficult to read
painstakingly created using sand
and oil paints - 
it is a pineapple which appeals
to me because of its simplistic straight line 
ice bucket design
and the fact 
that it can be viewed on a wall
in a gallery basement
that is reachable
with a lift
and two trams
or one tram
and a train
and a lift


  1. Replies
    1. Dimensions. I didn't measure. It's about 36" x 24" at a guess.

    2. A wild guess I must say but may only be slightly smaller.

    3. He looks like he was a Cubist.

    4. Agreed. A painting need not always be rectangular. Irregular is OK. Rectangular is a formula, a habit, a method, a tradition, etc..

  2. I'd never heard of him before two days ago. I looked on the net at some of his paintings like the slice of watermelon for example. I think he's really good. How come he isn't famous? Or maybe he is and I just missed him in passing.

  3. how i pine to pin an app on an el


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