Monday, 24 November 2014

A Light Fog

I don't spend money on Christmas stars and lights. 

These things I leave 

to my neighbour. 

My neighbour welcomes Christmas with a light show 

worthy of an American movie director. 

His lights  will be more than enough for us both. 

His long strings of joy shall bring 

Christmas blessings to half 

this street, 

this once forgotten street 

the City has now upgraded 

to yellow lines and modern lamps 

- their Christmas present to us all. 

Overnight we've gone from comfortably dull 

into Hollywood glare, a glare so bright 

I no longer need to use the porch light. 

           And the moon is redundant. 

Perhaps . . .

 a light fog will hang over Christmas 

the long ago legend 

the story  

the journey 

the mystery 

the truth

all things lost in the mists 

of time


Salzburg 1

Salzburg 2

Salzburg 3


  1. I love this Gwil - I intend to read it at our poetry afternoon on Wednesday - I do hope you don't object. If you do, please let me know.

    1. Pat, I'm glad you this seasonal poem, and I definitely have no objection to it being read out at your community poetry group or any other poetry group should anyone feel inclined.

  2. Pat, 'enjoyed' is the missing word in my reply just now.


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