Friday, 7 November 2014


oblivion (n): they drank themselves into oblivion 
- example of correct word usage from Wikipedia 

Life drinks deep
the musty wine
of death's old bottles 
and old casks (for all is death)
arranged in racks 
behind closed doors
of curled baroque
on dusty shelves

And everywhere
where wine is drunk,
from Alpine hills
to pastured vales
and rugged shores
of gentle Wales  

Death notes the vintage 
of your bones
those painful bones
the bones you carry
to your daily task
- how busily he goes about his work

How sweet
that final dream
will be 
when death alights
your pillow


  1. Replies
    1. Your Bacchus is waiting . . . with a smile on his lips.

  2. Pat, I think the november moon finally got to me.
    Rachel, yes it's our destino, like it or lump it, so we may as well enjoy the final oblivion which as I hinted in a recent post may not be oblivion as we know it. .


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