Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Eighty Million Year Doorstep.

The Martian Rover has detected the presence methane gas and water on the red planet. We may soon know the answer to the question: Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?

This intriguing piece of news reminds me of an eighty million year old doorstep I spotted on a recent walk. The creatures encased in the rock, which was found on a mountain pass near to the centre of the European landmass, spent their lives at the bottom of a watery ocean.

We can all do our little bit for the sake of mankind by spreading the word: Exploration, the search for the real truth knows no bounds, and is open to all.


  1. Those fossils are amazing Gwil - and your comments make me think. (as they usually do)

  2. Maybe that's why we are here. To do some thinking.

  3. Thinking, exploring and allowing ourselves to be quieted by wonder, surely brought on by, among other things, these fossils. And the fact of a Mars Rover.


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