Monday, 29 December 2014

The Old Year Ends

The old year ends
In blaze of glory

Assembly of children
Far away

Explosions of colours
Brighten the skies

And faithful bells ring
The next year in

A recent survey found that eighty percent of New Year fireworks in Austria were imported from China where child labour is used in their manufacture.

The result of the Palestinian vote at the UN means we may now enter the new year with our heads held low.


  1. Most of the Christmas decorations sold in the UK are made in China. Christmas is not celebrated in China. However in 20 ears time there will be more Christians in China than anywhere else in the world.

    1. Maybe or maybe not, I think only time will tell Rachel.

  2. How depressing.
    Incidentally, re your comment on my new fangled gadget (i.e. tumble drier) - your comment could only have been written by a man!!

  3. Pat, I bow to your feminine logic. Keep on tumbling lass.

  4. Did you just add the bit about Palestine? It does not bode well and is provocative to Netanyahu and perhaps I see why you left your new year post blank now.

  5. Hi Rachel, I did add it when I heard we had abstained when only one vote was required, along with Nigeria, Lithuania and Rwanda I think, but Australia even joined US in voting against, thus the Palestinians failed

  6. Our excuse was that if the Palestinans had got the 9 votes required the U.S. Could have used a veto. So be it. Britain can be ashamed. Australia can be very ashamed. Russians can hold up their heads.


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