Monday, 1 December 2014

On the train I ate the calories late

On the train ate 
my beer and nuts too late, 
my stomach signaled this 
as did the dial 
upon my wrist. 

Swift I flipped 
through book of verse,
a mind upon another matter, 
pressing need 
to drain the bladder. 

Stationed self 
in gentle space 
 and eased my water to the drain, 
eschewing lines, 
as on the train.

Too late I read 
the warning sign 
sellotaped above my line


  1. Thanks for your comment on Pendragon castle Gwil. What struck us yesterday as we leaned over the field gate to look at it, was its incredible loneliness in Lady Ann's day. What a bleak place it must have been to arrive at in the middle of Winter, but I suppose all the servants would have giant fires burning in every room.

  2. Pat, did you notice the moth to the upper left of the urinal, about the same size as that small piece of green material in the bowl. I wonder where Lady Ann's servants went to pee etc.? Maybe in the trees at the back.


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