Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Joyce & Svevo, a collage

The text at top left states: 
'His affinity and friendship with Italo Svevo (born Ettore Schmitz and defined by Joyce as a "neglected writer") would prove very significant: the two met in 1907 when Svevo, who was travelling to London to attend to the Veneziani family business, was looking for an English teacher. Svevo is regarded as one of the models for Leopold Bloom, particularly in his Jewish aspects. Joyce was also inspired by Svevo's wife, Lilia Veneziani, and he referred to her long tawny mane when describing the water flowing in the river Liffey, that runs through Dublin, in Anna Livia Plurabelle, one of the chapters of Finnegans Wake.' 

It is worth noting that Svevo described Joyce's influence on his writing as "the Resurrection of Lazarus", for it restored his faith in his literary skills. His masterpiece La coscienza di Zeno (Zeno's Conscience) owes much to Joyce. 

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