Sunday, 18 January 2015

Religion and Open Shape

Having some time to kill, as the once harmless saying goes, I wandered about. My stroll took me through the MQ complex in the city. 

Suddenly my gaze fell upon a work of art displayed in the Art Box in the public space; a thought provoking installation by Austrian-born artist Uli Aigner, called Open Shape (curator Elisabeth Zeigt). 

An information leaflet was available. I took one, and perusing it I found an apposite quote from the year 2005 by Bruno Latour:  

It is an entirely different thing, for instance, whether one regards religion as something slowly drifting away into a faraway fairytale land or whether one sees it exploding in front of one's own eyes as something that makes people die in the present - and (will do so) in the future. It is a vast difference whether nature is a giant reservoir of power with an unlimited capacity for storing refuse, or whether it suddenly turns into something that interrupts any kind of progress - something that cannot be appealed to or got rid of. 

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