Sunday, 8 March 2015

Keep taking the tabloids. Or better still, go to MUMOK.

Schottentor (from Sigmund Freud Park) 

A popular tabloid is running a photo contest designed to show Vienna in a good light. Readers are being asked to submit their pictures of their favourite places in Vienna for judging. The most suitable photos are being published in the newspaper on a daily basis. Here are two I won't be sending in. One features newspapers. And the other advertisements. 

Votivkirche (from Sigmund Freud Park)

And now here are three photos taken in a wonderful location in Vienna, a location which always inspires. They are of  the MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art),  which is to be found in Vienna's MQ (Museums Quartier) Centre. 


  1. Great use of advertising space, very bold move by the Vienna Mayor, in picture two. In an odd way I approve of it.

  2. Cleaning the facade of the Votive Church is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge. It seems to be never ending. I don't know if it's the Mayor or the Pope who gain from the adverts. Maybe they split it. One time there was an advert there for military recruitment.


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