Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Leg of Ham

On Green Thursday, that is to say the day before Good Friday, we read the papers to see what we should  do, for they do know why we should shop for the Lord's Last Supper; (traditional) the leg of ham, the frozen spinach (thawed and boiled), the whisky (blended) and the cola (usual brand), the seedless grapes (wash well), the salmon (smoked), the eggs (to fry) and the walnut cheese (check the date), not to forget the 8 or 10 pack 3-layered toilet rolls. Other news in the paper: hundreds of beggars have stormed Vienna's Easter Markets, protesting farmers have blocked the streets with their tractors, the doctors are threatening more strikes, a new prison may be built, European Lottery Jackpot stands at €73 million; no small potatoes. O my God.  

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