Thursday, 2 April 2015

The People's Man

Look how the people's man
Whose love is in the mirror

Juts his polished chin
Into the daily TV camera

Lenses, grins and waves
His restless hands

To who knows who
Off stage, and out of shot.

He drinks root beer and eats
Bread rolls. He sings folk songs

And talks of wrongs
To be put right

If you agree to sacrifice
Your rights, but just for now,

Until the struggle has been won
And all are lying in the sun.


  1. Yes Gwil, there are a few of those about.

    1. I wrote this after reading your blog entry and also a reply to a comment of mine at Jim's (Truth About Lies) about the election. This morning had a taste of it on our breakfast radio here!

  2. Perhaps it would be better to go back in time when there were no channels of communication apart from the messenger.

    1. I don't think so. They used to summarily despatch the messengers if they didn't like what they said! In some countries and 'societies', I use the term loosely, they still do.


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