Thursday, 21 May 2015

Alf Poier - a man for all seasons

I discovered Alf Poier in the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien in a dark room in the basement adjacent the toilets. Soon I realized that Alf's vivid imagination knows no bounds.

Is the above image a detail from the dark side of the moon? Or is it one of the mysterious bright spots on Ceres?

Q. What did Alf have to say?

A. "I am the neuro-dadist of cabaret. My messages are . . .  nonsense.  I say to you: Now I am known as an idiot, but one day . . . the stars will come by themselves to me."

I enjoyed Alf Poier's disrespectful off-the-wall humour. A link to Alf's world is attached HERE.

The quirky exhibition at Vienna's Kunstforum is packed with fun and surprises and runs until mid-July. And admission is free.

I leave you with Alf's iconic Donald Dark and one of his fine paintings Blood Oranges:

In the post immediately above this one Alf Poier deals with a computer virus.


  1. He's has a little of Kippenberger in him I think.

  2. I think you're right. He's mainly a cabaret artist but he also produces a variety of art, and nearly all amusing, for example there's your child's first terrorist kit which basically consists of a piece of cardboard with a knife and fork and a spent firework fixed to it.


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