Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Japanese International Haiku Contest

The annual Mainichi Daily News International Haiku Contest is now open for entries. Contestants are allowed a maximum of two attempts using a form on the competition website. Entry is free. But the standard is high.

To access the haiku page scroll to the Mainichi Daily News link in the A-Z list near the foot of this Poet-in-Residence blog and click. Once you are taken there simply follow the highlighted link to the competition form (not to be confused with the daily submission link). And good luck!

Strict classical form is not required for the international haiku competition and your submission may be in English or French. You can view winners from earlier years online.

Here's one I created for my own amusement earlier: 

after breakfast
a snail in the rhubarb


  1. I think I'll give this a go. Thanks for the helpful link.

    1. Good luck. It's all free so you can't lose. I think I got an honourable mention one year, which shot me up the European haiku standings which I didn't even know existed. I think I've been relegated a few divisions since. Too much sitting on the bench I expect.

  2. I love your haiku Gwil, especially for the ambiguity in the last word. Noun or werb? Or maybe both/either.

  3. That's right, Pat. There's nothing more ambiguous than my rhubarb. It grows like a sunflower endlessly skywards.


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