Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dalai Lama - 80th birthday speech at Glastonbury 2015

Today (by chance?) I found a copy of Mit dem Dalai Lama durchs Jahr - 365 Worte des Herzens  (With the Dalai Lama through the Year - 365 Words from the Heart) - first published in 2002 by Otto Wilhelm Barth Verlag. 

The book was in a cardboard box along with many other books on a table outside a secondhand shop but it was (by chance?) the first book I laid my hand on . . . 

I gave the shopkeeper a two euro coin and that's how I came into possession of the book, a book full of wisdom, a 365-page hardback book in excellent condition, in fact to my eyes it is as good as new. 

Perhaps the book is a present from the Dalai Lama to me, I thought later, for as he says in the video above: Every morning when you wake it is your birthday. 

The book opens with an appropriate quote for humanity from the Dhammapada

Hass wird nicht durch Hass besiegt; den Hass besiegt allein die Liebe - das ist ein ewiges Gesetz.

Translated this reads: 

Hate cannot be conquered through hate; only love can conquer hate - that is an eternal law.


  1. Wise words indeed in these troubled times Gwil.
    Also love the Thoreau words in your lovely new header (and the picture).

  2. Thanks Pat.
    Hate is also bad tactics. If you hate your enemy you can't think straight and when it comes to conflict your hate blinds you and you lose your powers of reason. If you can't think and can't see you can't deal with the problem. Churchill said about that hateful man Hitler: I hope they don't succeed in assassinating him because if they do the Germans might then put somebody intelligent in charge and then we might have a problem (or words to that effect).
    It's time for the penny to drop. How to make it happen is the big challenge.

    1. Oh, the photo of the red boat was taken at Rhos on Sea in Wales. It was taken on a clear day and at the last moment before sunset so the light was quite special.


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