Monday, 29 June 2015

The Myth of the Man in the Cave

The cave has more than one entrance and exit. 

The man in the cave cannot be seen. 

The man in the cave is  Kilroy was here.

Kilroy hangs out in many strange places. 

The man in the cave is a shadowy presence.   

The man in the cave will be buried at sea.

Hilbre Island* 
Wirral, UK 

*only reachable on foot at low tide. 


  1. Used to go into the Wirral a lot during my first marriage - we played old instruments and used to go on courses there. Lovely villages where the sea has retreated and there are large marshy areas. Don't know this place though - lovely photo and lovely words.
    Thanks for the compliment about my photograph. The farmer will never stop the car for me to take them - he slows down and I just have to get on with it. So praise ibdeed.

  2. Sorry about the spelling mistake in the last word!!

    1. Parkgate on the Wirral is such as you describe. It used be a port. Now it's quite a few miles from the sea. The old railway line has been turned into a scenic walking and cycling trail. I think it goes almost the full length.
      Re your photo: Slowing down and getting on with it seems to work!
      There are actually 3 islands in the Hilbre Island 'archipelago', Hilbre being the name of the largest. I think my cave photo is from the middle-sized one.


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