Tuesday, 14 July 2015

It's not all Greek to me

     When it comes down to relationships between the peoples of the EU, or in this case the Euro Zone, the main criteria the EU wishes to apply are listed as dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens' rights, and justice.

In the case of the ongoing crisis involving Greece are these criteria applicable? And if not, why not?

Can the paymaster countries, principally Germany,  ignore 'fundamental rights' such as Greek 'dignity' or European 'solidarity' for whatever reason; perhaps because they do not want their negotiating powers to be disadvantaged or encumbered by them?

By the same token can Greece neglect to enforce the 'justice' and 'citizens' rights' aspects? 
Should greedy  bankers, corrupt politicians and others be allowed to get away with their wrongdoings at the expense of the citizens?

The above image is of an EU mouse mat given to me at an EU publicity event. Perhaps the noble words on it have no real value, maybe they are not really meant.


  1. If you are in debt like the Greeks it doesn't matter who you are you give up all these things.

    The words have no real value in such circumstances.. The EU should be more careful about who it gives membership to.

    1. If 'the words have no real value in such circumstances' they have have no real value at all and that is that. 'Solidarity' means you stand by your EU brother when he is in trouble. 'Justice' means you seek out and deal with the criminals (Iceland - not in EU - but held up as a great role model) and as for 'Citizens' Rights' the corner stone, now a real stumbling block, for they can't even draw their own money out of the bank. etc., etc..
      The EU promises potential members all these goodies to get them to join. And they line up to do so. Even Turkey, a country in Asia Minor, was being considered as suitable for EU membership at one time . . . and so it goes on. Moldavia, Georgia. Ukraine.

      The hidden EU agenda has nothing to do with the words on their publicity mouse mat. As we shall see.

    2. The EU became too greedy.

    3. That's it. That's it in 5 words.

  2. The finer points of finance go straight over my head. But I do know that I have a friend who goes to Greece on holiday twice and year and has done for many years. She always stays in the same flat and knows the Greek family who own it really well.
    She says that many Greeks are having to take three or even four jobs in order to keep their heads above water.


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