Wednesday, 1 July 2015

They were only looking


Latest: 5 people crucified for not fasting during Ramadan

 were only looking

 for WMD's
 and so they missed

 the WME's
 - the Weapons of Mass Extremism

 and the WMT's
 - the Weapons of Mass Terrorism

 and the WMS's
 - the Weapons of Mass Subjugation

 and the WMI's
 - the Weapons of Mass Ignorance

 and the WMC's
 - the Weapons of Mass Conditioning

 and the WMP's
 - the Weapons of Mass Propaganda

 and the WMF's
 - the Weapons of Mass Fanaticism

and the WMB's
- the Weapons of Mass Brutality

and the beheadings
and the shootings
and the crucifixions
and the stonings
and the throwing of people off rooftops
not to mention the bombings
and all the black flags
 fluttering now
 on the road
 to Hell

- from where there is no going back.


  1. Very moving food for thought Gwil.

  2. Why Maim Innocents
    __As the World Begins to Rationalize... barbarism becomes the most effective weapon... against the clans of barbarity.

    1. As always
      It's the innocents
      They are real victims.

      Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind -
      Arabic saying seemingly forgotten,
      Especially true on Fridays.

  3. Really interesting read indeed.

    1. Thanks. It's how Bliar & Co. let the genie out of the bottle under a pretext of looking for something that wasn't there and how the world is confounded as Rachel puts it intentionally or otherwise by the results seen today.

  4. Your new header looks like a jigsaw puzzle picture.

    Your Post on they were only looking is confounding me.

  5. It would take some fitting together if it was a thousand pieces. I haven't done a jigsaw for years. Maybe it's time. By the way I'm combining gentle exercise with swimming as a kind of water yoga of my own invention. Have not tried standing on my head, and don't propose to.

    1. The water yoga mix cannot do anything but good. I do not stand on my head in yoga on the rug either. I am doing 10 minutes a day which is not much but it is better than not doing 10 minutes a day. I like doing jigsaw puzzles, very relaxing, but totally useless occupation.


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