Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ancora - Ezra Pound

Good God! They say you are risque´
O canzonetti!
We who went out into the four a.m. of the world
Composing our albas,
We who shook off our dew with the rabbits,
We who have seen even Artemis a-binding her sandals, 
Have we ever heard the like?
O mountains of Hellas!!
Gather about me, O Muses!
When we sat upon the granite brink in Helicon
Clothed in the tattered sunlight,
O Muses with delicate shins,
O Muses with delectable knee-joints, 
When we splashed and were splashed with
The lucid Castalian spray,
Had we ever such an epithet cast on us!!


  1. __Great verses here Gwil, and I see -good humor- in these ! Now, my questions are from Mona (1) onward: 1, breath mints; 2, sun block; 3, birth control;
    4, sleeping pills?

    Smiles ! _m

    1. And (3 is) for the lips. A salve or ointment. We're in a skiing area so cold winters.

  2. Thanks Magyar. My Lady G. thinks (1) could be blackcurrant pastilles and (4) herbal tea.
    (2) and (3) not sure.


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