Sunday, 4 October 2015

A regrettable incident at a hospital was briefly mentioned on the radio news this morning. A man said somebody is looking into it.

bearing silent witness
to the hospital
  collaterally damaged


  1. Air attacks are deadly. Why are the US still bombing in Afghanistan? They need to sort out their targets properly.

  2. Remember the 1st Iraqi War when they killed more British troops than what the enemy did. The USAF give the impression of being no more than trigger happy hit and run merchants.

  3. When will it ever end? My answer is really never.

  4. We appear to be living in a world where today's reality is a crazy Hollywood movie or a violent computer game.

  5. Thank you Weaver, Rachel and Heron for your comments. Much appreciated.

  6. __ I fully agree, the USA should withdraw from... everywhere_,

  7. Unfolding events will ensure they do not. Something now happening in the Turkish capital I have heard. Who controls all the marionettes? US admits to wasting $500 million training terrorists. Or is it freedom fighters? The victor will rewrite the story.

  8. __"GW", your thought below fits so well... it causes after-thought.

    "The victor will rewrite the story."
    ... which could lead to this edition __ 'rewrite >his< story'
    ... which could then be re-edited to__ 'rewrite >History< '

    __Of course, on the paths which some people travel today, I would / could be considered as being controlling in my "gender specific" thought_ ! _m

  9. all is a ms/story
    not least
    our his/story


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