Thursday, 22 October 2015

I loved my dog Sam

Let's first bury the dog. Molloy p.33

I loved my dog Sam 
banned from the parks
who deigned only to eat 
off porcelain plates 
that is to say 
whenever we dined 
in the world's best hotels 
which Sam would sniff out 
with his sensitive nose. 

He'd lick his plates clean
and leave nothing behind 
except for the bills. Today 
Sam fell ill 
in the five star Hotel
a zander 
and a large beef tartar  
served-up with quails eggs
and a mellow veal slice . . .
as I read Beckett's Krapp 
and nibbled my snack 
Sam paid a high price.

No more 
shall we play



  1. Delightful piece. And, of course, you don't need to be a Beckett aficionado to appreciate it.

    1. Thanks, Jim. I think the picture demonstrates Beckett's reaction to the Nobel Prize for Literature.


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