Monday, 19 October 2015

If it's in the papers it must be true

First Christmas Trees 
Now on Sale.

Shooting at Florida Zombie Festival: 
1 Dead. Others Injured.

Woman Blind for 8 Days
After Mistaking Glue for Eyedrops

Imam to speak to Recruits 
at Austrian Military Swearing-in Ceremony. 

Home Security Boom.
Live Cameras in Teddy Bears.

Czech President:
"Some Women Look Better in a Burka." 

Post Box With Slot Facing Wall 
 Now Repositioned.

Hundreds of Cotton Pickers put Wool 
Back on Plants for Presidential Drive Past.

German Police Chief Demands
Security Fence on Border to Austria.

Actress Lindsay Lohan 
to Run for US Presidency in 2020

Buenos Aires Plastic Religion Outrage
Over Barbie and Ken as Mary and Jesus. 

Man wins €101 million 
on European Lottery.

Small Ad: 
Petrol Station Attendant Required. 
€7.90 per hour (Night duty)


  1. A California bull, pleas with the farmer for a gender change operation.

    1. Magyar, thanks for that one. The Mooo the merrier!

      I like 'off the wall' newspaper stories, in these sad times they make life more bearable somehow.


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