Friday, 30 October 2015

for it is hallowe'en

for it is hallowe'en 
and we'll go to the graves
armed with our tools
and our buckets
to wipe the stones clean
and sweep fallen leaves 
to the sides

we'll cut back the weeds
that block up the holes 
made by the rain 
and the rats 
and the mice 

the dead ones won't rest 
in heavenly peace 
on invisible clouds

tonight they'll come down 
and look in our heads 
awake at  our windows 
at midnight
our hollowed out heads 
there glowing with pride

today  at the graves
we'll put batteries in candles
and wash off the dust 
on the faded bouquets 
and someone'll mutter a suitable prayer
                    for  it is hallowe'en after all 

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