Saturday, 14 November 2015

Pray for Paris

Pray for Paris
Pray for Damascus 
Pray for Kabul 
Pray for Baghdad  
Pray for Aleppo 
Pray for Homs 
Pray for Boston  
Pray for Mumbai 
Pray for Madrid 
Pray for Ankara 
Pray for New York
Pray for Moscow
Pray for Jerusalem 
Pray for Cairo
Pray for London
Pray for Palestine
Pray for yourself 
Pray for me too
Pray for Gaza 
Pray for the World


  1. One soul is destroyed and the whole world is destroyed.

    1. My soul whenever I am in contact with it indicates to me that we would do better if we did not not brutalise one another.

      Unfortunately the saying 'give me a child until a certain age and I will give you the man' is a truism as proven through a long and bloodthirsty history by religious fanatics of various persuasions.

    2. I meant to write 'not' and definitely not 'not not'. :)

    3. And whoever saves one saves the whole world.

    4. One tried. And he was nailed to the cross for his troubles. Others have tried and been stoned to death. Or burnt at the stake. Or sent into exile. Nevertheless we can but try.

  2. Sadly prayer seems to have done no good for either side in this conflict.

    1. Too many are praying for the wrong things. Many are praying for revenge. The acceptable ratio is usually 10:1 although it can often reach 100:1 or more. Others are praying for their war industry portfolio to increase in value. It's the never ending moebius strip.


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