Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas - not for the squeamish

Symbol of power. A Cathedral in Spain.


is about religion. 

is about power. 

is about money. 

makes the world go round. 

What has the mindset of the biblical psychopath who supposedly created the universe and habitually makes his points by means of dire punishments such as death by flood* or pestilence or other unholy catastrophe involving unbridled cruelty spiced with ruthlessness whenever humanity fails to obey his so-called instructions, his convoluted so-called instructions which are even harder to grasp than how your computer works, to do with Christmas? 

At this time of year we celebrate, if celebrate is the appropriate word, the miraculous virgin birth of the psychopath's alleged son; or the birth of the first of five brothers and two sisters to a middle-aged carpenter and his young wife. 

The special son was born approximately 2,000 years ago at the time of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter or some as yet unexplained astronomical event, perhaps a supernova. 

The superstitious consulted their charts and did their calculations and worked out the location of the event, as they do in the Himalayas to this day when searching for the birth place of the next Dalai Lama for example, and then they journeyed to the place bearing the usual gifts.  It was a place under Roman rule. 

The consequences were as dreadful as they were inevitable. Thousands of babies and children under the age of two were put to the sword. The method the Roman soldiers habitually used to dispatch babies and infants was to cut them in half.

It seems there can be no saviour without mass murder, bribery and torture. 

The psychopath who created the universe allowed his proxy son and the humble carpenter and his wife to escape the horror. The family went into hiding and nothing more was heard of them for thirty years. 

God's serpentine and perplexing A to Z Manual on Psychosis and Sin states that the family fled to Egypt. Some historians argue that they made it to India. 

The substance of the message promulgated in the so-called holy lands thirty years later does I suggest incline more towards India. 

When we celebrate the birth of one special baby we celebrate the slaughter of thousands of innocent but potentially dangerous babies. That is the true meaning of Christmas. We'd be wise to never forget it. 

*Your Original Poet-in-Residence Christmas Cracker Riddle. Accept no Imitations: 

Q. How did the kangaroos get to Noah's ark? 

A. With a giant leap of the imagination. 


  1. I take it you are not religious Gwil! (nor I am incidentally)

  2. Too many rules. I prefer to have a one-on-one relationship with my maker.

  3. King Herod is not to be followed.

    1. A fearful man. It is reported somewhere that he had his own child killed just in case it should turn out to be the chosen one.

  4. I do not invest in sentimental hype and commercialism which is what people have allowed their christ mass to become.
    Me I shall darkly and quietly celebrate the Winter Solstice.

    1. Very sensible. I shall enjoy the music, the mulled wine, the mince pies, and the sharing of gifts. I think I am celebrating the time of the year's turning. In the Southern Hemisphere maybe they celebrate midsummer. I like to think there is occasionally some logic in what we do.


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