Friday, 11 December 2015


above the sleepy town (6) 

the moon (2) 

pale ghosts of light (4) 

revealing now (4) 

black dragons in the sky (6) 


  1. A topsy turvy cinquain.

    What are the black dragons?

  2. In my mind I see a moon standing above those dark clouds (dragons), beams getting diffused and thus losing their shape, forming undefined ghosts. (Query: why the syllable count in paranthese?)

    1. Why the syllable count, or why the syllable count in parentheses? Maybe it was because we have in earlier posts talked about the cinquain five line poem with a set syllable count for each line.

    2. You're right about the clouds. When the wind is from the west they race across the sky with their mouths open.

      I marked the the count (and the half rhymes) so that I can refer to it if I do some more of these.


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