Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lovely Lady in your Glasshouse

Lovely Lady
In your Glasshouse

Are you smiling? 
Are you crying? 

Are you happy? 
Are you sad?

Do you like 
the painting on the wall?

Would you like 
to talk with me?

Would you like 
to walk with me?

Would you like 
to share some tea?

Would you like 
to read to me?

Would you like 
to learn my tongue

Or care to teach 
me yours?      


How can I know?

How can you know?

I don't know  

And you don't know

Lovely Lady  

In your house 

Of glass. 


Street Art circa. 2014 - Artist Unknown 


  1. Problem now is posting a new post, loading a photo, or making an edit. It's no go.

    There are other places to blog. I shall have a look at several over the next few days.

  2. Standing in her shroud; peering at the unaware; senses step away.

  3. Under the shroud
    Bruises or kisses
    What other dark secrets


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