Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Massive 'Unstoppable' Methane Leak

They say it's worse than the BP Gulf disaster

They say methane has been spewing out since October

They say they've tried to plug the hole 7 times

They say the leak can't be stopped before March

They say the leak is in an earthquake zone

They say the zone is now a 'no fly zone'

They say families have been evacuated

They say it's a ghost town

They say there's nothing on the fracking news . . . 

      I say no, not yet


  1. __I bin tolt, like California, did like everything right, like without failure, yuh know duh Hoolywood an stuff, an like we hafta add like all duh stars an stuff to it.

    climate change
    this smell of rotten eggs
    walk ahead of me


  2. Apparently they tried pouring mud down the hole. That's like trying to stop a tsunami with sandbags. You must imagine the pressure at 8,000 meters depth. There's an awful lot of methane under California . . .


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