Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Oh cruel news tell me your good news

Oh cruel news 
Tell me your good news.

Man with MS can walk again
Can ride his bicycle.

God's failed experiment
Fixed by man.

No sales. 
No money in that. 

- My thanks to Rachel for the inspiration for this one. 


  1. Replies
    1. Today's world economy depends to a large extent on increasing sales of weaponry. This is bad news. It cannot go well.

  2. __Hand guns, artillery, bombs... and pressure cookers, from which... we must never hide.

    __The increasing sales of drugs is perhaps, one of the
    "subliminal weapons" to discover_? _m

    1. Maj Gen Smedley Butler exposes the racket in his paper War is a Racket. Now we have the added bonus of the sort you mention. Thank Magyar. And now there's a whole refugee industry, barbed wire, containers, boats, food, trains, buses, drinking water, medication , etc., etc..

    2. Yup Gwil, I mentioned 'one of'; there is a long list of "subliminals".

  3. Men of Harlech on to glory, this will ever be your story.


    1. Performed by Bryn Terfel and Orchestra of Welsh National Opera under the stars at Caernarfon Castle 1998.

      I was there Boyo!


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