Saturday, 13 February 2016

Machine Gun

There is a poem
about a machine gun.

It was written by a refugee.
A boy.

The background was black.
The colour of death.

Black is the colour of profit.

The machine gun
is an assembly line product
sold for profit.

Red is the colour of blood.
The colour of loss.

Two popes meeting in Cuba to heal a spilt. They meet to put an end to a 1,000 year quarrel.

One of them, Pope Kyrill, takes the opportunity to give the misnamed War on Terror his blessing. It is, says Kyrill, a Holy War.

Well, that's that then.

Let's forget that the sands of time and the place are already stained with blood of countless millions.

Let's forget the excuse for the never-ending 9/11 Crusade. It was bogus.

Unfortunately we cannot forget the many millions of displaced and the orphaned. They are fleeing into Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, countries bordering Syria and Iraq, and into many countries in Europe in search of sanctuary.

But Pope Kyrill says this so-called War on Terror is a Holy War.

I guess that makes it alright to kill another million or two.

The reality is that religion is an old family business.

Religion is based on ancient zodiacs, sun worship, and other nonsense. Like war, it's twin brother, it is a curse on mankind.


  1. That last sentence is one I can identify with fully Gwil.

    1. How can anyone in their right mind think otherwise?

  2. __Kyrill, too, was the name of a deep storm; was 9/11 bogus, or just its crusade?
    __A goat, unseen among these refugee sheep; the terrorist.

  3. A storm leaves a trail of devastation. You can see it from outer space, just as you can see the pools of molten steel where the New York firemen had to work underground beneath the dust and debris. If building 7 was wired they were all wired. They all belonged to the same person. Figure the odds.

  4. >Insurance Fraud<
    __Fraud? I have trusted no information, arrived at and promoted by "officials", since the "end results" of November 22, 1963.
    __Too many Fact-Fraud stories; the truth is in finding that one black marble in a barrel full of dark blue.

    1. Finding that one black marble in a barrel full of dark blue . . .

      The magic bullet story. Official explanation. Case closed.

  5. Any self-Righteousness and missionary zeal is evil - and mostly hurting those who are helpless.

    1. Missionaries went to a valley in Papua and told the natives to burn their spears and arrows and turn to the Christian God. They natives naively obeyed. From the next valley came a rival tribe and slaughtered the neo-Christians who were now unarmed. Source: Heinrich Harrer.


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