Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sorry to disturb you

main river 
churning it out 

the daily 

motto_ we lie but not a lot 

spiced news 

with a slant

with spin 

the daily 

puff piece 

served up 
with bullsjot 

you waited a month 
for the news 

of the little boy buggered 
in the swimming pool toilets 

four days 

for those girls 

raped and groped 
in the square 

slight oversights
hardly worth mentioning 


forget it 

than fiction 
is what's in the dust . . . 

pull it 

said larry 
so pull it they did . . . 


get zapping back

to your soaps 

on the box 


is the news 


you say 


  1. No idea what it says Gwil - I am sure you will have searched the computer to see if it can help. But I absolutely love it - the colours, the subject matter and the naievety (excuse spelling) of the way it is done.

    1. Thanks Pat. Pleased to get your reaction. In fact delighted!

  2. Really like this poem, Gwil, though I got stuck at "what's in the dust". And are we meant to know who Larry is? I know that like a joke, a poem is not better for having been explained. Just thought I'd share what works and doesn't for me.

    1. Thanks Shawn. Some readers will 'get' some 'jokes' and some will 'get' others. The ex-ZDF director (that's main German news) revealed that German TV has to push news that makes the government look good, and not the real news. We've known that for some time. It's nice to have it confirmed by a top source. It's the same here in Austria, with standing jokes about ORF news slant being commonplace. I expect it's basically the same most of the world over. Reporters Without Borders Publish Charts of Press Freedoms etc., which are quite revealing.

    2. Hello Shawn, have now put up a video clip to explain about the dust.

    3. I have always known that the US government does the same. I'll put my lack of awareness of the dust down to Alzheimer's. I assume and hope I thought about it at the time. Thanks for the video.

  3. For Larry read Chuck or Ted I thought. For all news, read and listen to plenty and keep a clear open mind. Whatever you talk about you have seen in the news there will always be someone who will disagree, say you are talking rubbish and it is all lies. If you don't know the lies you will never have any chance of getting to the truth.

    1. Larry is the owner of Building 7. This is the building that the BBC said had been brought down 20 minutes before it was brought down. Building 7 was wired for demolition and as they say in the demolition business it was pulled. Larrys other buildings were the twin towers. Groups like Scholars for 9/11 truth, for example, say that the twin towers were also pulled .


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