Friday, 20 May 2016

My Desire by Franz Kafka

We feel as if our lives are outside of our control. As if some monolithic beaurocracy is ruling over our every move. That a human being is the property of the state, is illustrated here by Franz Kafka.

My desire was for the old days,
my desire was for the present,
my desire was for the future,
and in spite of all this I die in a sentry box
at the roadside,
  a vertical coffin since the beginning
  the property of the state.
I have spent my life in it,
 holding myself back from destroying it.

Meine Sehnsucht
- a poem by Franz Kafka (1883-1924)

Any translation errors are mine.


  1. Directive 10-289. We Shrug.
    __Or, as Orwell might now say: Your cell phones tell us everything, this war of thought.

    1. In Kafka's time the monarchy had barracks in every town to keep the proles in their place. People faced interminable beaurocracy and red tape designed to keep the in their straight jackets, albeit without shoes and warm winter coats. Today we carry the invisible sentry box around with us. Brave new world indeed. Minister of defense resigned in Israel, says the the extremists have taken over his country. Obama is worried about 9/11 Truth. Clinton sees ufos as the way out. Ssh. Everyone is spying on everyone. I make mental note to see the new film Risk. It's about the prisoner in the Ecuadorian embassy. The one who stepped out of his sentry box.

  2. If we stop thinking about the state we start to forget it and soon we are not the property of anyone.

    1. That's when the state will wreak havoc. There is a middle way. We only have to find it.

  3. Well, let's face it Gwil, Kafka never was known for his optimism and happy outloook.

    1. "an axe for the frozen sea within us"

  4. I had a literature teacher who was in love with Kafka. The first book he made us read was The Metamorphosis. It had me confused at first but then I began to think differently after reading it.
    Greetings Maria x


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