Friday, 3 June 2016


for carefree insects

living in the sphagnum marsh  

  a spoon-leaf sundew* 

A spoon-leaf sundew is not an ice cream! It is an insectivore resembling a venus flytrap. When the next tasty morsel, that is to say the next carefree insect,  is tempted to land daintily on one of the sundew's gaping appendages it will already be too late. A pair of enormous spiked jaws will have quickly snapped shut enclosing the once carefree insect as prisoner within. The spiked jaws will not reopen until the nourishing snack has been completely gobbled up. Don't say you haven't been warned! 


  1. I thought 'what a lovely picture, what a nice haiku - then the sting in the tail!

  2. Sounds like a Fem-me Fa-tale, Gwil. Is it a plant or animal? Rather a strange creature like the Duck Bill Platypus. A strange create that lays eggs and suckles it's young.


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