Friday, 22 July 2016

Tunnel of Love

Old friends meet again  . . .

"Hello friend, is this the way to Paradise?"


  1. I think I see the gates just ahead, through the smoke.

  2. In Bremen, where I come from, twice a year there is a big funfair - and the "Tunnel of love" was very popular, because at the end of the ride for a while they threw a plane over the people on the roller-coaster.
    But I think you mean it as a metaphor, killing for heaven?

    1. There are quite a few such carvings dotted around Austria to be seen in various old churches. Obviously they were meant to put the fear of God into the worshipers. Love one another and love your neighbour or this will happen to you: Consigned to the eternal flames.

    2. Brigitta, I assume they threw a blanket over the people. A plane makes no sense. Spellchecker gone mad? Mine's the same. Anyway, if it's sunday it's paradise. Lightning struck a church spire in the town of Krems on the Danube yesterday and it took fire brigade 3 hours to extinguish the flames, but yesterday was a Saturday . . .


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