Thursday, 14 July 2016

READOUT (Triptych)

For best effect try clicking on the pictures. It's possible they will be enlarged and you will see more detail, for example that the person in the birdhouse is Chinese artist Ai Wei-Wei, a man who can turn anything into cash. His most recent exhibition, or the one he is working on, involves lots of life jackets abandoned by boat people on reaching Lampedusa.

The readout of the title is a stock market ticker. It is is always running somewhere in the world and it affects all our daily lives, hence the bloodstained banknote, a much redesigned Andy Warhol work, now complete with people running away and the value and serial number (both meaningless to the people) appropriately blacked out. 

I've said too much already. I'll leave the rest to the viewer. After all, everyone views a picture or interprets a poem in a different way. 


  1. Wei-Wei, Warhol, Hebdo et al - dressings on our bleeding wounds.

  2. Art is probably one of the best ways of all to begin to interpret the world today I think Gwil. A good picture is worth a thousand words.

    1. Indeed. And often a thousand words can be meaningless.


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